Shopify store optimization

In e-commerce, it’s like in any business “There’s always something to do”. We can actively support you in almost all optimizations to your store.

Regardless of whether, for example, “only” your start page is to be changed, the loading times of the store need to be improved or your store is to be multilingual in the future, with our many years of experience in e-commerce, we will complete even complex tasks for you in no time at all.

Unser Shopify Kunde
Our Shopify customer

We optimize your Shopify Shop?

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Your Shopify store is slow?

Since Google also considers the loading time of your store when positioning the search results, a fast store is indispensable.

According to a study by Amazon, the conversion rate decreases by 7% per second of loading time. I.e. an acceleration of 100ms increases the sales by approx. 1%.

If your store has a loading time of 3 seconds, 10% more sales can be easily achieved with an optimization that does not go into depth. If we take a little more time, 20% can also be achieved.

Regular support for optimizations

Our agency is the better freelancer. We are available for you and are usually able to make timely adjustments in your store for you, if you want this.

No excuses about capacity, other projects or vacation. On the completion date we specify, the work is done and guaranteed not to fall apart after the handover.

From our references

Many thanks to the 4TFM team for the fast, reliable and professional work. We will continue to rely on the support of 4TFM; the team stood by us with advice and support.

Salon Wohnlich – Nov 9, 2020

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Shopify Experts
Shopify Experts