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If you want to switch from WordPress with WooCommerce to Shopify, you are about to make a good decision. Shopify has the great advantage that it is specifically designed for easy and successful online selling. So, it is an all-in-one solution. WordPress, on the other hand, was originally developed as a simple way to create modern websites. Solutions for e-commerce were added gradually and increasingly modify WordPress.

However, e-commerce is so specialized today that it can hardly be solidly mapped in WordPress. It offers high potential for error sources, security gaps and the performance is often subterranean. Time to switch to Shopify and we’ll handle the move from WordPress to Shopify for you. By the way, you can try Shopify for free to get a first impression.

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We transfer your WordPress store to Shopify

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Takeover of categories and products

Your customers already know your store. Search engines do too. It is therefore obvious that the transfer of categories and products are an important part of a store move. However, changes cannot be completely avoided. To ensure that you do not suffer any losses due to the necessary redirection of URLs, you should under no circumstances carry out such a move on your own. Otherwise, you risk losing your hard-earned SEO positioning.

Switching from WordPress with WooCommerce to Shopify is best done with a clear concept. This should include all necessary steps and measures. We are just as happy to help you with the creation of a concept (design, features, etc.) as with the subsequent implementation.

What are the benefits of moving from WordPress to Shopify?

The short answer is: it simplifies your business. With Shopify, you don’t run the risk of used integrations leading to massive malfunctions. They extend Shopify features and are easy to install. Shopify offers a wide range of interfaces and integrations that make your day-to-day business easier while helping you grow. What doesn’t exist yet, we as Shopify Experts can program for you.

Regular updates with adjustments are not necessary, because Shopify is a hosted store system. With WordPress, on the other hand, you have a different starting position. With updates to plugins and integrations used, there is always a dependency on developers. In the worst case, your store will simply stop working at some point.

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Committed and competent – 4FTM gave us great support during the launch, provided super advice and implemented all tasks very quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend the team after our first project.

Weingut Christ – Sep 08, 2021
Shopify Experts
Shopify Experts