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The product pages have a crucial importance in your Shopify store. If your customers have come this far, they have already expressed a clear intention to buy. Now it’s time to complete the purchase and, in the best case, make an additional sale. The product pages on Shopify should be modified so that the chances are as high as possible. The implementation is quick and easy to do. However, the positive effect is clearly noticeable.

You have no idea how to motivate your shopper base to order more? We will be happy to help you, give you tips and support you in implementing them. Because small measures often have a big effect!

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Stimulate additional sales and increase shopping cart

Sounds simple? It is. Offer your customers “more”. More options, more ideas, more reasons to buy additional products. Especially with textile products, a missing size chart is often a reason not to buy a product. Disappointment when trying on, expense for returns, repayment of the value of the goods. There is potential for frustration for both sides. In the worst case, you lose customers.

Cross-selling and upselling – both are easily possible with Shopify. This increases your chances of increased shopping carts. Do you offer invoice and financing purchases? You should also show that to the customer before the payment selection in the checkout. Because this will also be noticeable in your sales and customer satisfaction will increase.

Promotion of product presentations in Shopify

To optimize your product presentation, there are several options available in Shopify. If you have a product that needs explanation, add more or better product images, check if the customer can easily see all product images.

An “explainer video” can also easily increase the conversion of your Shopify store. But if you want to pick up your customers more emotionally, offer them product videos that show your product in use. Because the desirability increases. In the same way, the chances of a sale increase.

Even little things can make the difference, such as offering a gift option. In an age where everything is accessible to everyone all the time, sales promotions have become an important part of online commerce. A gift option simply makes it even easier for your customers to give your products to friends and family.

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