Modify image display in Shopify theme

People are visual and it is not new that good pictures sell more. So it’s nice when products are presented to the buying public online with great pictures. Because touching is not possible.

Often the type of image display does not match the product. In such a case, it makes sense to modify the image gallery in the Shopify theme so that your customers have a unique shopping experience. As a Shopify partner agency, we will be happy to do this for you.

Especially the new default theme “Dawn” offers great possibilities to customize your store to your needs. In the default setting, the image gallery is not suitable for every product, even though the design otherwise offers everything that makes the merchant:s heart beat faster.

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Image display with magnifying glass improves conversion rate

So that the product images can be viewed in detail without any problems, we modify the image display so that the mouse pointer acts as a magnifying glass when moving over the image. This way you can offer your customers an even better user experience with your store and increase your conversion rate.

In the “Default” setting of the “Dawn” theme this function is not provided. If images are enlarged, the image takes up the entire screen. Neither product details nor prices or other important information are then still visible. The display on mobile devices is also affected by this.

Can the menu in the Shopify theme “Dawn” be modified?

Yes, it can. You have the free choice. Depending on what your customers are already used to, the menu can be placed horizontally or vertically in the theme. “Dawn” has a fresh, modern look and is customizable.

Depending on what products you sell in your Shopify store, a customized menu navigation is worth cash. Make it easy for your users to navigate your store and make a purchase. Short, clear paths to the product and into the shopping cart. Provide enough high-quality images, but don’t distract too much from the goal. Always aim to close a sale, because a beautiful design alone does not sell.

From our references

Forget the so-called “experts” from Fiverr and co. There are certainly some on these platforms who understand their craft, but they could not help us. We had only a “small” problem, but we could not solve it alone and are, however, legally obliged to do so! We asked the company 4TFM and promptly received an answer. The given estimate was kept to 100% and was not artificially inflated. Within a day, the code was rewritten to fit our needs exactly. We are very satisfied with the work of 4TFM and we will work with them more often in the future!

Thealis Shop – Feb 11, 2021
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Shopify Experts