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With a fresh look, the new standard Shopify theme “Dawn” is quite impressive. As usual, the new theme is easy to use and has a lot more to offer. Because it has never been easier to create a new product page in no time. Just drag and drop a new page – absolutely no problem with Dawn.

Lightning fast and highly customizable, the theme is up to date and great for using high-resolution images. Offer your customers a unique shopping experience. We will be happy to assist you in switching to the Dawn theme. So that you can benefit from all the new features for your Shopify store!

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We support you with the change to the Dawn theme

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Visual storytelling with a small shortcoming

Selling cool, unique, funny or even sad stories. This is not new in marketing. Users have a very short attention span, and a product is not sold by long texts. Nevertheless, they need a story. “Dawn” is designed for storytelling in pictures. Visual storytelling stimulates the imagination and strengthens the desire to have a product at all costs.

Because customers don’t just buy a product. They buy functions, properties, features or solutions to problems. You can tell a story in a single expressive image or in a series of images. The main thing is that you tell one. Because if you’re not passionate about your product, why should your customers be?

The “Dawn” theme offers everything you need for a visual storytelling. However, if you don’t have any ideas on how to present your products with a strong selling story, we will be happy to help you and do it for you. The better you present your products, the more likely you are to stand out from your competitors.

Modify image display

Nevertheless, the Dawn theme has one shortcoming. That is the image display on the product pages. The images are very large and in the zoom function you have to scroll to see details. We can solve this in a smarter way! We customize your theme to preserve and perfect the original idea of “Dawn”.

Overall, the image display can be modified very well. Depending on the product, it is not sufficient to adjust only the main image. Also, not every retailer can or wants to display several images of a product. The possibilities are there, but on the other hand they also involve a lot of effort if the manufacturer does not provide sufficient image material.

Also, there are products that simply do not allow a variety of images. In this case, an adjustment of the image bar is also appropriate. It is better to have fewer images than a story that loses its appeal and thus the impulse to buy due to poor images. Do you need support? Call us, we will be happy to help you with the implementation.

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