Loading time optimization for Shopify

There is only one thing that is more exhausting than searching for the desired product in a slow store – that is when your own store is a snail. It’s high time to perform a load time optimization for Shopify.

Because a slow store costs you cash. According to a 2012 study, every 0.1 second delay in page load costs about 1% of sales. 2012 was a while ago, but e-commerce has become rather more competitive since then.

Fortunately, load times are one thing that can be optimized relatively easily. Removing old scripts, fonts and optimizing graphics is often enough to achieve significantly better speed.

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Causes of poor loading times on Shopify

There are a variety of reasons for poor loading times with Shopify. Basically, all stores powered by Shopify share the same cloud hardware. I.e. if the Shopify store of your competitor is significantly faster, the problem lies in your Shopify theme, content or in the apps used, in the exact analysis and the subsequent optimization of the theme we support you as a Shopify Expert agency to the side.

How to optimize load times on Shopify

Basically, there are two ways to approach the topic of load time optimization for Shopify. One way would be a re-design with a theme that offers a better foundation. Here, for example, the Dawn theme could be mentioned, but also some other providers do a solid job here.

Alternatively, every Shopify theme can be optimized to a certain degree. You can also make up quite a bit of ground in content with optimized image sizes or image formats.

One area that is rather difficult is, of course, the apps, since you have to rely on the cooperation of the app developer here.

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