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Inspire customers: create a professional “About Us” page for your store’s story.

One of the most visited subpages of a website is the “About us” page. This gives it enormous weight. Because here you have the unique opportunity to breathe life into your product (or your service) and your company. To make it tangible and approachable.

You can present all the information in a gripping story. We create a coherent concept for your Shopify store, with a compelling story and a shopping experience that will delight your customers.

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How to turn your customers into fans with your Shopify “about us” page

Take your customers on the exciting journey of your company. People buy from people, so the “about us” page serves to emotionalize your offer. Take advantage of the psychological fact that every purchase decision, without exception, is accompanied by emotions.

Tell your story and create a “wow” effect. This will be remembered and generate referrals. Stand out from the competition by giving your customers the opportunity to identify with your company. If you convince with your story, even the price is no longer a knock-out criterion. Shopify offers you the best opportunities to score with your customers with a landing page about your company. Not taking advantage of this would be a missed opportunity.

Increase customer trust in your Shopify store and your business

Arouse emotions and build sympathy. Show your customers that there are people behind your company. People who represent values that are close to your customers’ hearts. That you have gone through a development process. That you care about the well-being of your customers, that you have environmental factors in mind and that you also care about the ecological footprint of your company.

Above all, tell about the points that are significantly decisive for the impulse to buy. If you believe that your product is needed for unemotional reasons, that may even be true in principle. However, this does not relate to the purchase decision.

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Forget the so-called “experts” from Fiverr and co. There are certainly some on these platforms who understand their craft, but they could not help us. We had only a “small” problem, but we could not solve it alone and are, however, legally obliged to do so! We asked the company 4TFM and promptly received an answer. The given estimate was kept to 100% and was not artificially inflated. Within a day, the code was rewritten to fit our needs exactly. We are very satisfied with the work of 4TFM and we will work with them more often in the future!

Thealis Shop – Feb 11, 2021
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Shopify Experts