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The Google Search Console provides valuable information about where your Shopify store has problems or optimization potential. Fixing the errors in Shopify is partly doable by yourself. This means that for you as a merchant, the ease of use of Shopify is noticeable here and you can correct many errors yourself.

However, if the issue is errors in structured data, an unfavorable position of certain elements in the mobile version or loading time problems, we will be glad to help you.

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What is Google Search Console anyway?

The Google Search Console was formerly known as Webmaster Tools. It is a powerful tool for search engine optimization, which Google provides free of charge. You can manage the presence of your domain, monitor and quickly respond to any technical errors that occur in your Shopify store. This way you always have an eye on the development of your store.

In order for Google to monitor your domain in Search Console and inform you of any errors, you need to register it in Search Console and include a code in your Shopify store. You can decide whether you want to receive regular updates directly via email. If you do not use this option, you should definitely remember to regularly take a look at the latest development to be able to act promptly.

What problems does Search Console list?

Frequent error messages occur when clickable elements are too close together, especially in the mobile store display. Since this has a negative impact on user-friendliness, Google issues a “warning” or a “note”. Content that is too wide and impairs the use of a website or online store is also listed in Search Console.

For the classification as “mobile-friendly”, these hints should not be ignored under any circumstances. They can affect the positioning in the search results. The situation is different in part to the messages in the area of structured data. If a Shopify theme for an area does not provide this provision for the search engine, adjustments can be made here.

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