Shopify troubleshooting and repair

Solving technical problems in Shopify is often difficult for non-professionals, troubleshooting even more so. Each store system offers its own peculiarities and troubleshooting is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. As an e-commerce agency in Berlin, we are an official Shopify Experts Partner and are very familiar with the most common sources of errors.

Whether errors in loading, in the mobile version of the store, in Javascript or just in the configuration. Everything has an impact on the user-friendliness, conversion rate or the findability in search engines. To make sure you get the best out of your Shopify store, it’s best to have it created and maintained by an experienced agency.

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Error analysis & troubleshooting in the checkout

The incorrect configuration of shipping costs is a frighteningly common error, especially in new stores. We will gladly take over the troubleshooting in the checkout for you.

This particularly affects stores that sell and ship their products outside of Germany. Usually, different shipping costs are incurred for shipping to different countries. (Taxes are also an issue). For this to work smoothly, shipping zones or regions must first be created. The correct shipping costs are then assigned to these.

Fehlersuche im Shopify Theme am besten durch Experten

Errors can occur within a Shopify theme that are impossible for operators to fix without in-depth knowledge. Not infrequently, errors are potentially related to an update. The installation of additional plugins is also a source of errors. In general, when checking the adjustments, one must not forget to also check the mobile version of the Shopify store for errors. As with other store systems, it is important to make sure that all plugins used are compatible with each other and do not interfere with each other’s functions before installing them.

As an official e-commerce expert agency for Shopify, we can answer all your questions about the flexible store system and ensure smooth operations in your store.

From our references

Forget the so-called “experts” from Fiverr and co. There are certainly some on these platforms who understand their craft, but they could not help us. We had only a “small” problem, but we could not solve it alone and are, however, legally obliged to do so! We asked the company 4TFM and promptly received an answer. The given estimate was kept to 100% and was not artificially inflated. Within a day, the code was rewritten to fit our needs exactly. We are very satisfied with the work of 4TFM and we will work with them more often in the future!

Thealis Shop – Feb 11, 2021
Shopify Experts
Shopify Experts