We take care of the Shopify setup

Shopify setup takes time. Time that you can use better as a merchant. To take care of your products as well as core tasks. Our e-commerce agency is Shopify Experts Partner and gladly takes over the setup for you. So that you can focus on your business.

We take into account your wishes and special requirements or make suggestions. So that the performance of your Shopify store is increased. The setup is done professionally. And of course data protection compliant. Let us advise you without obligation!

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Our Shopify customer noshnosh.com

We take over the configuration of your Shopify store

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Shipping & Distribution Channel Configuration

Shipping and sales channel setup are key components of your Shopify store. And therefore of great importance. The distribution of your products does not forgive mistakes in the configuration. Avoid dissatisfied users and users as well as loss of sales. Let us create your store professionally. So that everything works well.

By selling on new sales channels, you promote the growth of your company. In doing so, you also increase the positive user experience with your products. Address target groups that you have not yet considered. So that you can grow and further expand your store. Because more visibility also means more traffic. And with it, more sales. Across channels.

Legally compliant configuration of Shopify

Nothing is more annoying than a warning letter because of a missing legal security of your Shopify store. Don’t risk expensive warnings! The better your store is configured, the sooner you can protect yourself.

The GDPR poses great challenges for online store operators. Because here too – lack of knowledge does not protect you. Any kind of tracking must be mentioned in your privacy policy. The imprint must also contain legally specified information. Correct, a cookie banner is on the one hand annoying but on the other hand also an important component for a legally compliant store. In cooperation with the Händlerbund, we make sure that everything is legally secure. So that your business is successful!

From our references

Committed and competent – 4FTM gave us great support during the launch, provided super advice and implemented all tasks very quickly and professionally. I would definitely recommend the team after our first project.

Weingut Christ – Sep 08, 2021
Shopify Experts
Shopify Experts