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Shopify is by now relatively close to the legal requirements in Germany and the European Union. Nevertheless, minor adjustments are required to ensure that everything is really “round”. In addition, every merchant should of course familiarize themselves with the most important rules, because the display of the base prices only works if the base prices are also stored in the product.

Finally, you should of course have your store certified by the Händlerbund or Trusted Shops to be sure that you are safe from typical warnings.

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We make your Shopify store legally secure (with the help of the Händlerbund)

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Legally secure with Händlerbund legal texts

We have had the best experience with the legal texts (terms and conditions, privacy policy, imprint, cancellation policy, and payment & shipping terms) of the Händlerbund. The system works very simply: After becoming a member of the Händlerbund, you have to answer a digital questionnaire about your store, legal form, the goods to be sold and many other topics.

After that, the Händlerbund generates the appropriate legal texts for the store, which you then only have to store in Shopify.

In-depth examination of the Händlerbund

We also recommend the in-depth examination of the Händlerbund to many online merchants at the beginning of their e-commerce career.

During the in-depth inspection, a lawyer from the Händlerbund checks the store for potential legal problems. In addition to product labeling (features, weight, prices, etc.), this also includes wording in the checkout or signup.

Basically, all topics that could often and easily be warned off by competitors. After an in-depth check, you should therefore be relatively safe from the competitors.

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Many thanks to the 4TFM team for the fast, reliable and professional work. We will continue to rely on the support of 4TFM; the team stood by us with advice and support.

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