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Before the Shopify store can go online, the ideal domain has to be chosen. From both a marketing and a legal perspective, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Once you have decided on the perfect domain, you need to register the domain with a web hoster. We recommend using a small hosting package, or at least a provider with whom you can also use email addresses with your domain.

For example, the “small” packages from Alfahosting or Host-Europe are suitable. Basically, most hosters work, where you can edit the DNS records of the domain.

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Edit DNS records for Shopify

Connecting a domain or sub-domain is basically done very quickly if you are familiar with domain settings. The problem is that you have to edit the DNS entries of the domain.

In the worst case, editing or adding DNS entries incorrectly can, for example, cause the receiving and sending of e-mail to stop working or the domain to generally point to nirvana, i.e. the website/Shopify store can no longer be reached.

Our Shopify Service Team will be happy to support you here.

Do not buy domain through Shopify

Registering (“buying”) a domain through Shopify directly is also possible, and is offered in the Shopify admin area, but here we have to strongly advise against it. A domain from a third-party provider (Alfahosting, Host-Europe, 1and1, GoDaddy, Strato, etc.) is clearly preferable to the Shopify offer, as here you have full control over your domain. This allows you, for example, to run a returns portal, CRM or other software under a sub-domain, but also running email account with the domain only works with a third-party provider.

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Many thanks to the 4TFM team for the fast, reliable and professional work. We will continue to rely on the support of 4TFM; the team stood by us with advice and support.

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