Connect Shopify to ERP

Your Enterprise resource planning software can in the best case be connected directly to your store with the existing Shopify app.

If your ERP system is too customized (i.e. individually programmed or individualized like SAP), you would need to connect Shopify with an app tailored to you.

This is of course the most costly way, but also the most flexible, because your requirements determine exactly the scope of the app.

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What can be matched via API?

Product data from ERP to Shopify, order data from Shopify to ERP , would be the classic functions. But also the transfer of shipper data (tracking numbers) from ERP to Shopify or inventory from WaWi to Shopify are no problem.

The same applies to customer data or even more specific customer information (e.g. query of a current newsletter recipient list).

The Shopify API is, in our opinion, probably one of the most comprehensive interfaces of standard e-commerce software we have ever worked with. The fact that the interface is regularly improved and extended certainly sets Shopify apart from any competitor.

Are there limits to the ERP connection?

One of the biggest limits in interface development is the quantity limits on API queries. To avoid overloading the Shopify servers, you can only make a certain amount of queries per minute.

These limitations can become a bit problematic in certain scenarios if the programmer does not keep this in mind from the beginning.

Even if your ERP provider offers you use without limits, you should take a closer look. Otherwise, problems may arise that can be avoided.

Our e-commerce agency will gladly take on this undertaking for you.

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