Cream Theme – Quick setup guide

With the following guide you will be able to quickly modify the Cream Theme to your individual needs.

Opening up the theme editor

To edit the Cream Theme navigate in the Shopify adminarea to “Online Store”.
In case your shop is not live yet, you can publish the theme directly. If not, its worth it to edit the theme first in the preview. Use the button “Customize” to get into the theme editor. The button “Actions” can be used to publish the theme once you finished configuring it.

Shopify-Adminarea | Theme overview

1. Set the logo

Click on “Header”. It opens the options of the header. You can upload your logo under “Logo image” and “Logo image (non-sticky)”. The logo should have a horizontal format and not exceed a width of 300px. The logo of the “non-sticky” upload should be in most cases an color-inverted logo, because it gets put over the image-banner (look at point 3). The other logo is used in the background of the navigation while scrolling.

Theme-Editor | Header options

2. Select the menu

To select a menu, stay in the header options and pick your menu on the right side at the option “Menu”. If you don’t have a menu yet or want to change your current menu, look up to do so in the Shopify documentation. We recommend a menu with a maximum of 6 items with a maximum of 8 sub-items. A third menu level is possible, but should be avoided due to usability.

Theme-Editor | Menu selection

3. Setting up the image banner

To configure the image-banner, click on the “Image banner” in the left navigation. On the right side appear the options of the element. Because the image is full-width we recommend a image width of atleast 1920px. The height of the image should be atleast 400px. In case you are uncertain, try out different image sizes. To edit the box inside of the banner (i.e. text, color), click left on the subordinate blocks of the element.

Theme-Editor | Image banner options

4. Modify colors

To change the colors of the theme, hit the “Theme settings” bottom left. Select “Colors” on the right side. There you can change the accent colors, font-colors and background-colors.

Another way of changing the colors is with the theme styles, which are also under the theme settings. There are multiple, different color schemes to choose from.

Theme-Editor | Theme settings – Colors

5. Additional theme settings

More theme settings to setup quickly are also here. Switch to a different font style easily under “Typography”. Select a favicon under “Favicon” (recommended size 32×32 pixels). Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and many more can be setup in the “Social Media” area.

Theme-Editor | Theme settings

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6. Checking the settings

Review your settings again after closing the theme editor and publishing the theme. Either go to your shop url in the browser or use the eye icon next to “Online Store” in the Shopify adminarea.

Shopify-Adminbereich – Theme overview

More Questions? Take a look at our FAQ page!

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