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Why does the header has two different logos?

The header got two logo upload, because of the theme option “Enable sticky header”. If that option is active a second logo is required for a better result. The logos get switched depending on the scroll by the customer. One logo is basically for the header when it’s not scrolled and in the foreground of the image-banner, the other for when the header gets sticky by scrolling down.

How can i change the display of the product images on the product page?

To change the display of the product images Cream Theme offers multiple options. One thing you can adjust is the amount of pictures displayed via the “Thumbnail Amount” option. Another option you can change is the “image effect”. You can allow a zoom effect for the images or display the images in a gallery. You are also able to deactivate both effects.

How can i change the language variables?

For that navigate through the Shopify Admin Area to “Online Store” -> “Themes” and click the “Actions” Button next to the Cream Theme. It opens a list in which you find “Edit languages”. If you click on that it opens an overview of all the different language variables used in the theme, where you also can edit them.

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